As an independent and self-publishing game and software developer I mostly focus on low-level and graphical systems as well as custom tools, but have experience with most areas of game and software development.

I enjoy working with ambitious and creative people of complementary skill sets and am always on the lookout for interesting opportunities.

Recent Work


May 2015 – present

Developer - Toggl Desktop

Joined Toggl as remote developer to work on open source desktop client. Integrated into team quickly, contributing to the previously unfamiliar code base from day one. more

Improved and transitioned entire Windows UI from WinForms to WPF incrementally while independently self-teaching WPF from documentation and examples from scratch.

Roche Fusion

September 2013 – May 2015

Co-founder, developer, producer, publisher

Built and led team to design, develop, and polish full-featured game within 18 months, with no prior commercial experience. Released on Steam in January 2015 with unanimously positive reception. more

Developed all-custom OpenGL rendering pipeline in C# using OpenTK, including keyframe animations, post processing, and GPU accelerated particle systems. Wrote all graphical and major parts of low-level gameplay code. more


February 2015 – present

Technical blogger

I started my technical blog in early 2015 to further improve my skills and to share my experience with others. Since then I have consistently released 1000 - 2000 word posts every week. more

The discussed topics range from low-level C# or designing more complex system to OpenGL and graphical effects with a general focus on game development. Most posts discuss their respective topics in depth and many include extensive code snippets or even entire example projects.

Other Projects

Open Source Libraries

February 2015 – present

Since the launch of Roche Fusion, I have focussed on extracting reusable parts of its code base to release them on GitHub under the MIT license. Currently available and under active development are:

  • Bearded.Utilities, a general C# game utilities library, containing a variety of useful types. more
  • amulware.Graphics, providing a low-level object-oriented layer on top of OpenGL in C#.
    Also contains Roche Fusion's generic keyframe animation system and more. more

Other Projects

ReX Force

Summer 2013

Created 2D deferred tilemap rendering pipeline and low-level physics code on tight schedule.

Integrated into existing framework and other components developed at the same time. more

advASCIIdraw 2

2012 – 2013

Developed advanced ASCII drawing program, which supports large layered images, has a number of unique features, and is still downloaded today.

Extensive and flexible GUI, compressed save file format and efficient ASCII art renderer designed and implemented from scratch. more


2010 – 2011

Built large-scale multiplayer RTS tower defence prototype, featuring procedurally generated levels and enemies, and efficient dynamically updating pathfinding system. more


Programming languages

  • Proficient in C#, GLSL, HTML and CSS
  • Familiar with JavaScript, PHP, HLSL, Java, SQL, Haskell


  • MS Windows, Sublime Text, Git, Visual Studio and ReSharper
  • OpenGL, .Net, WinForms, WPF


  • Proficient in English and German
  • Comprehension of Dutch

Education & Skills


Utrecht University


2013 – 2014

  • Master of Science
    in Game and Media Technology
    (finished all courses; thesis on hold
    to focus on professional career)


2010 – 2013

  • Bachelor of Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Computer Science