I am Paul Scharf, a programmer with more than 10 years of experience.

Mostly working on games, or related tools and libraries, I mainly focus on low level and/or graphical systems as well as visual effects.

Paul Scharf


Undergraduate (2010 - 2013)

  • Bachelor of Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Computer Science

Graduate (2013 - 2014, on hold)

  • Master of Science
    in Game and Media Technology

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I have been making games in my free time ever since I found out about programming over 10 years ago.
After starting my first commercial project in 2013, during my master's degree, I put the latter on hold in 2014 to fully focus on the game and my professional career.

I have always been interested in visual effects and have written several graphics libraries from scratch over the years. In general I enjoy creating and working with rendering pipelines and shaders, and using the GPU for effect simulation and post processing. While I have worked and like working on a variety of systems, my major strengths are thus in this area.

I especially enjoy working in teams of people with diverse skills, and am always on the lookout for interesting opportunities.


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Low level #gamedev for the 21. century. Also: explosions.

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Open Source

I am currently working on several open source libraries. You can find them on my GitHub profile.

Games and Apps

Check my resume for an overview of my past and current projects.